Why we were established?

Challenges hardened us, experiences brought us closer, and the reality of life increasingly left no choice. Today, however, with a large luggage of experience, we want and must share it with the younger generation.

Community, unity, and gathering must be the connecting link between every one of us, which is alive not only in the presence of necessary service activities, but also extends beyond duty time or even after active service.

On March 22, 2017, while remaining members of the community, we agreed to establish an organization that unites us on everyday basis.

To maintain the youthful vigor, curiosity and desire to win even after going out to the reserve or experiencing life's misfortunes, the charity and support foundation “Gabrielius kariai” was established.

In more than four years of operation, the foundation has gained experience, expanded, and recognized the need for change. Therefore, on July 20, 2020, we gained a new breath and started our activities as “Broliai Aitvarai”.

Then we knew that this matters.
Now we understand just how much it is important!

Broliai Aitvarai