Labdaros paramos fondo “Broliai aitvarai” veiklą galima paremti šiais būdais:

For Lithuanian residents

1.2% of income tax support can be granted at the time of annual declaration.

This can be done by visiting the “VMI Elektroninio deklaravimo sistema” and filling out the form FR0512 v.4: Request to transfer part of the income tax to the beneficiaries:

  • Beneficiary type: Beneficiary – 2
  • Beneficiary identification number (entity code) – 304488482
  • The purpose of the fee part – To support activities of the Fund
  • The amount of the tax share – 1.2%

For foreign residents

Information will be available soon

Wire transfer

Labdaros ir paramos fondas „Broliai Aitvarai”
Acount number: LT457044060008149907
Subject: support for fund activities

For Businesses

The foundation operates in a variety of ways, which is why there is an opportunity to support us with products or services, sports, culture or other events. We also have beneficiary status and accept financial support.

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